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5 Reasons to visit Great Yarmouth Pleasure Beach in 2023


The Pleasure Beach with its mixture of high-octane rides and traditional attractions sits at the top of Great Yarmouth’s Golden Mile dominating the seafront skyline with its famous rides and attractions.

1New Robinson Crusoe film showing at there 4D Cinema

Feel the force of a 4-D experience. 3-D imagery and special effects such as lighting, moving seats, water sprays, air blasts, leg ticklers, smells and bubbles combine to form an exhilarating experience.

2New contactless Fun Cards

Great Yarmouth Pleasure Beach have been busy installing magic Fun Card readers at every ride.

To enter the park and utilise there rides you now have 3 options:

  • Wristbands – unlimited rides from open til close.
  • Rider fun card – entry plus 10 credits, fun card can be topped up at self service machines inside the park.
  • Non-rider fun card – entry only fun card, if you change your mind during the day, you can top up your fun card at the self service machines.

3Fairground Frights 2023

( Picture: Great Yarmouth Pleasure Beach)

There will be TWO walk through scare mazes this year. A completely revamped “The Workshop” and MAJOR changes in the “Not So Fun Factory”.

Two of there rides will feature scare actors. Snails and Scary Tales returns for 2023 as well as the Haunted Hotel. Both rides will feature new characters, never seen before.

4Roller Coaster

Roller Coaster – also known as Scenic Railway or The Scenic

The Roller Coaster is undoubtedly the star attraction at the Pleasure Beach having been in place since 1933! The ride actually dates back even further to 1928 when it was manufactured, but was operational in France before coming to Great Yarmouth. The traditional coaster made from wood has a single pull-up, once the train has left the top it then travels under gravity the whole journey until it arrives back at the station.

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At the rear of the 1st carriage on each train a seated operator controls the brakes, unusually there are no brakes fitted to the track at all.

5Over 20 Rides and Attractions


Spread over nine acres, the Pleasure Beach offers huge family fun – full-throttle white knuckle rides to exhilarate and thrill and fun rides to keep the children happy for hours.

Roller coaster has been the star attraction since 1932 and is still a crowd puller today.