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In this help and FAQS page we have gathered together our most frequently asked questions asked by our website visitors.

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General Website Information

Please feel free to contact UKThemeParkSpy.co.uk with any news, suggestions, problems, or comments you might have about the site Here.

Yes, We always welcome your photos to UK Theme Park Spy. If you have a photo of a ride construction, event, park update or anything else you think we could use, please send it in.

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If you'd like to share a Press Release or Contribute to UK Theme Park Spy you can contact UK Theme Park Spy directly via Social Media or Email.

To add comments on a selected news story on the UK Theme Park spy website, first you can make sure you're signed in to your account

You can comment on articles which show the Comment icon under the headline:

Then scroll to the bottom of the article to the Comments area. This will allow you to comment on the article and read comments left by other people.

If you see a potential ‘fake’ UK Theme Park Spy website or Social Media Account you can contact us here

Please contact our editor for any issues with our content:

If you notice inaccuracy on UK Theme Park Spy, please email news@ukthemeparkspy.co.uk and we will address the issue as soon as possible

Yes you can, Visit HERE for more information.

UK Theme Park Information

UK Theme Park Spy does not sell park tickets direct, but you can use our Affilate links to get great offers here.