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Find your favourite ride and attraction located at a UK Theme Park with our Ride Directory. From Rollercoasters to Water Rides and Dark Rides our Ride Directory has it covered.

The Rocket CoasterLightwater ValleyRollercoaster

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BarnstormerAdventure IslandRollercoaster Operating
Green ScreamAdventure IslandRollercoaster Operating
RageAdventure IslandRollercoaster Operating
GalacticaAlton TowersRollercoaster Operating
Kiddi-KoastaAdventure IslandRollercoaster Operating
OblivionAlton TowersRollercoaster Operating
Mighty Mini MegaAdventure IslandRollercoaster Operating
RitaAlton TowersRollercoaster Operating
ThirteenAlton TowersRollercoaster Operating
The SmilerAlton TowersRollercoaster Operating
Runaway Mine TrainAlton TowersRollercoaster Operating
Spinball WhizzerAlton TowersRollercoaster Operating
SpeedOakwoodRollercoaster Operating
Nemesis RebornAlton TowersRollercoaster Operating
WickermanAlton TowersRollercoaster Operating
MegafobiaOakwoodRollercoaster Operating
AvalancheBlackpool Pleasure BeachRollercoaster Operating
Big DipperBlackpool Pleasure BeachRollercoaster Operating
Blue FlyerBlackpool Pleasure BeachRollercoaster Operating
The Big OneBlackpool Pleasure BeachRollercoaster Operating
Grand NationalBlackpool Pleasure BeachRollercoaster Operating
InfusionBlackpool Pleasure BeachRollercoaster Operating
IconBlackpool Pleasure BeachRollercoaster Operating
Nickelodeon StreakBlackpool Pleasure BeachRollercoaster Operating
RevolutionBlackpool Pleasure BeachRollercoaster Operating
SteeplechaseBlackpool Pleasure BeachRollercoaster Operating
Dragon's FuryChessington World of AdventuresRollercoaster Operating
Mandrill MayhemChessington World of AdventuresRollercoaster Operating
RattlesnakeChessington World of AdventuresRollercoaster Operating
VampireChessington World of AdventuresRollercoaster Operating
AcceleratorDrayton ManorRollercoaster Operating
JormungandrDrayton ManorRollercoaster Operating
ShockwaveDrayton ManorRollercoasterUnder Refurbishment
Troublesome TrucksDrayton ManorRollercoaster Operating
Rhombus RocketFantasy IslandRollercoaster Operating
MillenniumFantasy IslandRollercoaster Operating
The OdysseyFantasy IslandRollercoaster Operating
Dino RollerFlamingolandRollercoaster Operating
Go GatorFlamingolandRollercoaster Operating
HeroFlamingolandRollercoaster Operating
KumaliFlamingolandRollercoaster Operating
Mumbo JumboFlamingolandRollercoaster Operating
Runaway TrainFlamingolandRollercoaster Operating
SikFlamingolandRollercoaster Operating
TwistosaurusFlamingolandRollercoaster Operating
VelocityFlamingolandRollercoaster Operating
Big Apple CoasterGreat Yarmouth Pleasure BeachRollercoaster Operating
Family StarGreat Yarmouth Pleasure BeachRollercoaster Operating
Roller CoasterGreat Yarmouth Pleasure BeachRollercoaster Operating
WhirlwindGreat Yarmouth Pleasure BeachRollercoaster Operating
Dragon's ApprenticeLegoland WindsorRollercoaster Operating
Duplo Dino CoasterLegoland WindsorRollercoaster Operating
The DragonLegoland WindsorRollercoaster Operating
The CaterpillarLightwater ValleyRollercoaster Operating
LadybirdLightwater ValleyRollercoaster Operating
CobraPaulton's ParkRollercoaster Operating
Cat-O-Pillar CoasterPaulton's ParkRollercoaster Operating
Dino ChasePaulton's ParkRollercoaster Operating
Farmyard FlyerPaulton's ParkRollercoaster Operating
Storm ChaserPaulton's ParkRollercoaster Operating
Flight of the PterosaurPaulton's ParkRollercoaster Operating
VelociraptorPaulton's ParkRollercoaster Operating
ColossusThorpe ParkRollercoaster Operating
Flying FishThorpe ParkRollercoaster Operating
Nemesis InfernoThorpe ParkRollercoaster Operating
Saw: the RideThorpe ParkRollercoaster Operating
StealthThorpe ParkRollercoaster Operating
The SwarmThorpe ParkRollercoaster Operating
HyperiaThorpe ParkRollercoasterUnder Construction
Minifigure SpeedwayLegoland WindsorRollercoasterUnder Construction
The Rocket RollercoasterLightwater ValleyRollercoasterUnder Construction
AxisAdventure IslandSpinning Ride Operating
American WhipAdventure IslandSpinning Ride Operating
ArchelonAdventure IslandSpinning Ride Operating
Ramba ZambaAdventure IslandSpinning Ride Operating
Pharoahs FuryAdventure IslandSpinning Ride Operating
Time MachineAdventure IslandSpinning Ride Operating
FireballAdventure IslandSpinning Ride Operating
Sk8bordaAdventure IslandSpinning Ride Operating
The ScreatureAdventure IslandSpinning Ride Operating
Heave HoAlton TowersSpinning Ride Operating
Marauder's MayhemAlton TowersSpinning Ride Operating
Derby RacerBlackpool Pleasure BeachSpinning Ride Operating
The Flying MachinesBlackpool Pleasure BeachSpinning Ride Operating
Red Arrows SkyforceBlackpool Pleasure BeachSpinning Ride Operating
SeastormChessington World of AdventuresSpinning Ride Operating
Trawler TroubleChessington World of AdventuresSpinning Ride Operating
KobraChessington World of AdventuresSpinning Ride Operating
Monkey SwingerChessington World of AdventuresSpinning Ride Operating
ThorDrayton ManorSpinning Ride Operating
MaelstormDrayton ManorSpinning Ride Operating
LokiDrayton ManorSpinning Ride Operating
Air RaceDrayton ManorSpinning Ride Operating
Drunken BarrelsDrayton ManorSpinning Ride Operating
Flying DutchmanDrayton ManorSpinning Ride Operating
Wave SwingerDrayton ManorSpinning Ride Operating
James and the Red BallonDrayton ManorSpinning Ride Operating
Jeremy Jet's Flying AcademyDrayton ManorSpinning Ride Operating
Rocking BulstrodeDrayton ManorSpinning Ride Operating
Toby's Tram ExpressDrayton ManorSpinning Ride Operating
Diesel's Locomotive MayhemDrayton ManorSpinning Ride Operating
FirebowlFantasy IslandSpinning Ride Operating
MagicFantasy IslandSpinning Ride Operating
Sea StormFantasy IslandSpinning Ride Operating
Techno JumpFantasy IslandSpinning Ride Operating
HelitoysFlamingolandSpinning Ride Operating
RotataurFlamingolandSpinning Ride Operating
PterodactylFlamingolandSpinning Ride Operating
VortexFlamingolandSpinning Ride Operating
Ballon RaceFlamingolandSpinning Ride Operating
Flip FlopFlamingolandSpinning Ride Operating
NavigatorFlamingolandSpinning Ride Operating
Cups & SaucersGreat Yarmouth Pleasure BeachSpinning Ride Operating
DiskoGreat Yarmouth Pleasure BeachSpinning Ride Operating
Floaty BoatyGreat Yarmouth Pleasure BeachSpinning Ride Operating
Flying DumboGreat Yarmouth Pleasure BeachSpinning Ride Operating
Lightning 360Great Yarmouth Pleasure BeachSpinning Ride Operating
PendulumGreat Yarmouth Pleasure BeachSpinning Ride Operating
Reverse TimeGreat Yarmouth Pleasure BeachSpinning Ride Operating
TwisterGreat Yarmouth Pleasure BeachSpinning Ride Operating
Ballon SchoolLegoland WindsorSpinning Ride Operating
Spinning SpiderLegoland WindsorSpinning Ride Operating
Twist and TurnLightwater ValleySpinning Ride Operating
Eagle's ClawLightwater ValleySpinning Ride Operating
Animal CarnivalLightwater ValleySpinning Ride Operating
ClownaroundLightwater ValleySpinning Ride Operating
Dragon BoatsLightwater ValleySpinning Ride Operating
Jumping KangaroosLightwater ValleySpinning Ride Operating
Elephant FlightLightwater ValleySpinning Ride Operating
Powder KegsLightwater ValleySpinning Ride Operating
Skull RockLightwater ValleySpinning Ride Operating
SkyriderLightwater ValleySpinning Ride Operating
Space PiratesLightwater ValleySpinning Ride Operating
Dizzy DiskOakwoodSpinning Ride Operating
Witches BrewOakwoodSpinning Ride Operating
AerodromeOakwoodSpinning Ride Operating
Tink's Flying SchoolOakwoodSpinning Ride Operating
CyclonatorPaulton’s ParkSpinning Ride Operating
EdgePaulton’s ParkSpinning Ride Operating
Peppa's Big Ballon RidePaulton’s ParkSpinning Ride Operating
Windy Castle RidePaulton’s ParkSpinning Ride Operating
Miss Rabbit's Helicopter FlightPaulton’s ParkSpinning Ride Operating
Boulder DashPaulton’s ParkSpinning Ride Operating
Sky SwingerPaulton’s ParkSpinning Ride Operating
Dragon RoundaboutPaulton’s ParkSpinning Ride Operating
Tea Cup RidePaulton’s ParkSpinning Ride Operating
KontikiPaulton’s ParkSpinning Ride Operating
VortexThorpe ParkSpinning Ride Operating
SamuraiThorpe ParkSpinning Ride Operating
ZodiacThorpe ParkSpinning Ride Operating
QuantumThorpe ParkSpinning Ride Operating
Dobble Tea PartyThorpe ParkSpinning Ride Operating
Drop 'N' SmileAdventure IslandTower Ride Operating
Sky DropAdventure IslandTower Ride Operating
The Pirates PlungeAdventure IslandTower Ride Operating
Ice BlastBlackpool Pleasure BeachTower Ride Operating
Krusty Krab Order UpBlackpool Pleasure BeachTower Ride Operating
Croc DropChessington World of AdventuresTower Ride Operating
Cranky's Drop TowerDrayton ManorTower Ride Operating
The VolcanoFantasy IslandTower Ride Operating
Cliff HangerFlamingolandTower Ride Operating
Sky DropGreat Yarmouth Pleasure BeachTower Ride Operating
Fire & Ice FreefallLegoland WindsorTower Ride Operating
Dragon DropLightwater ValleyTower Ride Operating
Monkey DropLightwater ValleyTower Ride Operating
BounceOakwoodTower Ride Operating
MagmaPaulton's ParkTower Ride Operating
Windmill TowersPaulton's ParkTower Ride Operating
DetonatorThorpe ParkTower Ride Operating
Over the Hill 2: SpooksvilleAdventure IslandDark Ride Operating
HexAlton TowersDark Ride Operating
The Curse at Alton ManorAlton TowersDark Ride Operating
Alice RideBlackpool Pleasure BeachDark Ride Operating
Ghost TrainBlackpool Pleasure BeachDark Ride Operating
River CavesBlackpool Pleasure BeachDark Ride Operating
Wallace & Gromit's Thirll -o- MaticBlackpool Pleasure BeachDark Ride Operating
Tomb BlasterChessington World of AdventuresDark Ride Operating
The HauntingDrayton ManorDark Ride Operating
SeaquariumFantasy IslandDark Ride Operating
The GuardianFantasy IslandDark Ride Operating
4D CinemaGreat Yarmouth Pleasure BeachDark Ride Operating
Haunted HotelGreat Yarmouth Pleasure BeachDark Ride Operating
LEGO® NINJAGO® The RideLegoland WindsorDark Ride Operating
Spooky 3-DOakwoodDark Ride Operating
Tidal Wave BlueAdventure IslandWater Ride Operating
Battle GalleonsAlton TowersWater Ride Operating
Congo River RapidsAlton TowersWater Ride Operating
River CavesBlackpool Pleasure BeachWater Ride Operating
Rugrats Lost RiverBlackpool Pleasure BeachWater Ride Operating
Spongbob’s Splash BashBlackpool Pleasure BeachWater Ride Operating
ValhallaBlackpool Pleasure BeachWater Ride Operating
Barrel Bail OutChessington World of AdventuresWater Ride Operating
Gruffalo River Ride AdventureChessington World of AdventuresWater Ride Operating
River RaftsChessington World of AdventuresWater Ride Operating
Sea DragonsChessington World of AdventuresWater Ride Operating
Tiger RockChessington World of AdventuresWater Ride Operating
River RapidsDrayton ManorWater Ride Operating
Storm Force 10Drayton ManorWater Ride Operating
Mystical Dragon MountainFantasy islandWater Ride Operating
Lost River RideFlamingolandWater Ride Operating
Splash BattleFlamingolandWater Ride Operating
Coastguard HQLegoland WindsorWater Ride Operating
Hydra’s ChallengeLegoland WindsorWater Ride Operating
Pirate Falls: Treasure QuestLegoland WindsorWater Ride Operating
Splash FallsLightwater ValleyWater Ride Operating
Skull RockOakwoodWater Ride Operating
DrenchedOakwoodWater Ride Operating
Grampy Rabbit’s Sailing ClubPaultons parkWater Ride Operating
Grandpa Pig’s Boat TripPaultons parkWater Ride Operating
Raging River Ride Log FlumePaultons parkWater Ride Operating
Depth ChargeThorpe ParkWater Ride Operating
Rumba RapidsThorpe ParkWater Ride Operating
Storm SurgeThorpe ParkWater Ride Operating
Tidal WaveThorpe ParkWater Ride Operating

PlannedA ride or attraction that has been announced, but no construction has yet begun.
Under ConstructionA ride or attraction which has begun construction but not yet opened.
OperatingA ride or attraction which has opened to the public.
Standing But Not OperatingA ride or attraction which is not currently open to the public. Seasonal closures are not included. The ride or attraction may be closed for refurbishment or there may be no plans to reopen.
Under RefurbishmentA ride or attraction which has previously operated but is currently closed due to refurbishment. The ride or attraction will be reopening after work is completed