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Ride the twists and turns of Nemesis, as it races past the rocks and rivers of Forbidden Valley. Inverted on the track, it corkscrews, spins and races over the twisted steel track, making it one of the most heart-pounding, exciting and exhilarating rides you will ever experience!

Ride Stats

  • Ride opened: 16th March 1994
  • Total cost: Approx. £10 million
  • Length: Approx. 716 metres
  • Highest drop: Approx. 13 metres
  • Top speed: Approx. 50 mph (81 km/h)
  • Maximum g-force: 4
  • Number of trains: 2
  • Passengers per train: 32
  • Max throughput per hour: Approx. 1,400
  • Ride duration:Approx. 195 seconds 
  • Inversions: 4 (corkscrew, zero g roll, loop, corkscrew)

Nemesis Location

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