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Theme Park:Spinning Rides:
Adventure IslandAxis, American Whip, Archelon, The Dragon’s Claw, Ramba Zamba, Pharoahs fury, Time Machine, Fireball, Sk8borda, The Screature
Alton TowersEnterprise, Heave Ho, Marauder’s Mayhem
Blackpool Pleasure BeachDerby Racer, The Flying Machines, Red Arrows Skyforce
Chessington World of AdventuresSeastorm, Trawler Trouble, Kobra, Monkey Swinger
Drayton ManorThor, Maelstorm, Loki, Air Race, Drunken Barrels, Flying Dutchman, Wave Swinger, James and the Red Balloon, Jeremy Jet’s Flying Academy, Rocking Bulstrode, Toby’s tram Express, Diesel’s Locomotive Mayhem
Fantasy islandFirebowl, Magic, The Twister, Sea Storm, Techno Jump
FlamingolandHelitoys, Rotataur, Pterodactyl, Vortex, Balloon Race, Flip Flop, Navigator
Great Yarmouth Pleasure BeachCups & Saucers, Disko, Floaty Boaty, Flying Dumbo, Lightning 360, Pendulum, Reverse Time, Twister
Legoland WindsorBallon School, Spinning Spider
Lightwater ValleyTwist And Turn, Eagle’s Claw, Animal Carnival, Clownaround, Dragon Boats, Jumping Kangaroos, Elephant Flight, Powder Kegs, Skull Rock, Skyrider, Space Pirates
OakwoodDizzy Disk, Witches Brew, Aerodrome, Tink’s Flying School
Paultons parkCyclonator, Edge, peppa’s Big Balloon Ride, Windy Castle Ride, Miss Rabbit’s Helicopter Flight, Boulder Dash, Sky Swinger, Dragon Roundabout, Tea Cup Ride, Kontiki
Thorpe ParkVortex, Samurai, Zodiac, Quantum, Dobble Tea party