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10 Facts About The Smiler at Alton Towers


The Smiler is a thrilling landmark at Alton Towers, U.K. It’s the first with 14 loops, making it unique. Since 2013, it has amazed visitors with its impressive track, inversions, speed up to 85 km/h, and length of 1,170 metres. This rollercoaster challenges both your body and mind. It’s part of the X-Sector in the park and stands tall at 30 metres.

The World’s First 14-Loop Rollercoaster

In the heart of Alton Towers’ X-Sector stands The Smiler, the first 14-loop rollercoaster in the world. It uses a top-notch Infinity Coaster model by Gerstlauer. This ride is known for its unique the smiler track design, packed with exciting twists and turns like dive loops and corkscrews.

Record-Breaking Inversions

The Smiler is all about setting records, boasting 14 inversions. These include twists, loops, and turns that are unmatched by other coasters. It truly redefines what a rollercoaster can do.

Exhilarating Speed and Length

This stunning ride hits 85 km/h and covers 1,170 metres of track. For comparison, that’s three times longer than Alton Towers’ previous best, Oblivion. It promises a longer and more thrilling ride for all who dare to try it.

Challenging Your Body and Mind

The Smiler isn’t just about its twists and turns. It aims to test your mind too. Designed by John Wardley, this rollercoaster has intense g-forces of up to +4.5G. It’s not just physical – there are 14 loops that challenge your brain too. Wardley included “5 mind manipulating elements” to make the ride more than just a rollercoaster ride.

Intense G-Forces

Riders on The Smiler face sharp twists and loops, feeling up to +4.5G of force. This challenges every part of their body, not just their muscles. It’s a ride designed to push your limits.

Mind-Manipulating Elements

John Wardley made The Smiler to work your head as much as your body. He threw in “5 mind manipulating elements” that mess with you while you ride. They aim to confuse and disorient, making the experience even more thrilling.

10 Facts About The Smiler at Alton Towers

Iconic X-Sector Attraction

The Smiler is a top attraction at Alton Towers in the X-Sector. It stands tall at 30 metres, making it hard to miss. For those who love a thrill, this rollercoaster is a must-ride in the UK.

Impressive Height and Speed

To ride the smiler alton towers, you need to be 1.4 metres tall. It goes up to 85 km/h. With its tall structure and quick speed, The Smiler is a rollercoaster like no other at Alton Towers.

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Accessibility Requirements

Despite its height and speed, Alton Towers makes sure everyone can enjoy The Smiler. The park offers detailed info on what you need to ride safely. This helps all guests get ready for the fun at this exciting area.

The Smiler Statistics
Location:Alton Towers
Opening Date:31st May 2013
Cost:£18 Million
Rider Height:Minimum: 140cm
The Smiler Duel at Alton Towers
The Smiler Duel at Alton Towers

Construction and Opening Delays

The Smiler faced many problems during its construction and opening. Building it took longer because of bad weather. This meant the frame needed over eight months to be ready. Originally, it should have opened in March 2013. But, it was not ready until May, due to issues found during testing. One particular issue at a preview event got riders stuck on the lift hill.

Weather-Related Setbacks

Bad weather was a big issue when building The Smiler. For instance, the frame’s construction took over eight months. These delays meant the opening was moved from March to May 2013.

Teething Problems

After the delays, The Smiler finally opened on 31 May 2013. Yet, it still faced difficulties.

The Smiler at Alton Towers

Groundbreaking Marketing Campaign

Alton Towers started an amazing marketing campaign for The Smiler’s launch. They used stencil logos and subliminal advertising all around the park and on the internet. They even made a free mobile game with a 3D version of the roller coaster. The park showed off The Smiler’s cool stuff before it opened. This got everyone really excited to check out the new ride. By keeping the ride’s real name a secret at first, they made The Smiler a must-see attraction at Alton Towers.

Stencil Logos and Subliminal Advertising

Alton Towers tried something new with their marketing for The Smiler. They placed stencil logos and subliminal advertising in lots of places, both in the park and online. This mysterious technique made everyone eager to see what was coming next.

Interactive Apps and Merchandise Preview

Not just that, the park also gave out a free game app. It let people have a go at a 3D version of The Smiler, adding to the fun. They showcased items from The Smiler ahead of time too. This gave folks an idea of the ride’s special look and feel.


The Smiler at Alton Towers is a truly remarkable rollercoaster, loved by many. It’s the first 14-loop coaster in the world. This makes it very special for those who love extreme rides. The coaster is famous for its exciting track, many loops, and for being very fast and long.

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Yet, its path to success has not been easy. The ride faced issues like bad weather and technical problems. In 2015, there was a serious accident that hurt a lot of people. Still, The Smiler has shown how Alton Towers is always trying to be new and exciting in the theme park world.

Today, The Smiler is still a big draw at Alton Towers in Staffordshire. It twists your mind and body with its height and loops. It is a top choice for those looking for a thrilling adventure. As the star of Alton Towers’ X-Sector, The Smiler is truly iconic in the UK.


What is The Smiler at Alton Towers?

The Smiler is a thrilling rollercoaster at Alton Towers, United Kingdom. It opened in 2013. This ride stands out with its 14 inversions, exciting design, and impressive speed.

What are the key features of The Smiler?

The Smiler reaches 85 km/h in speed. It spans 1,170 metres and is 30 metres high. With 14 loops, it holds the record for most inversions on a rollercoaster.

How does The Smiler challenge riders both physically and mentally?

Riders feel intense G-forces, reaching up to +4.5G. This puts a lot of pressure on their bodies. The ride also includes unique elements to make the experience mentally thrilling.

Where is The Smiler located within Alton Towers?

The Smiler is in the park’s X-Sector, standing tall at 30 metres.

What are the accessibility requirements for The Smiler?

To ride The Smiler, you must be at least 1.4 metres tall. The park gives detailed accessibility information to make sure everyone can have fun safely.

What were some of the challenges faced during the construction and opening of The Smiler?

Building and opening The Smiler faced many hurdles. These included bad weather and issues during testing.

How did Alton Towers market the launch of The Smiler?

Alton Towers used a range of marketing approaches for The Smiler. They did stencil logos and subliminal adverts. They also made a game app, showed previews of ride merchandise, and more.

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