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22 Years to the day that Air, Now Galactica, Opened to the Public


On March 16th, 2002, Alton Towers opened “Air,” a groundbreaking roller coaster that offered riders a unique and exhilarating flying experience. Now, 22 years to the day since its grand opening, let’s take a moment to celebrate this iconic coaster and its contributions to the world of theme park thrills.

Air was the first flying roller coaster manufactured by Bolliger & Mabillard, this innovative coaster allowed riders to be positioned horizontally, simulating the sensation of flying.

The coaster featured a layout that emphasized the sensation of flight, with smooth curves, sweeping drops, and thrilling inversions. Riders felt as though they were soaring through the air like a bird.

As riders soared through the air, they were treated to breathtaking views of the park and surrounding landscape. The coaster’s elevated positions and flying orientation allowed for unobstructed panoramas, adding to the thrill of the ride.

Despite its intense maneuvers, Air was praised for its smooth and graceful ride experience. The coaster glided through its elements with elegance, providing an exhilarating yet comfortable journey for riders.

Air’s success paved the way for a new generation of flying roller coasters around the world. Its innovative ride system and immersive theming set a standard for future coaster designs.

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In 2016, Air underwent a transformation and was rebranded as “Galactica.” The coaster retained its flying orientation but added virtual reality headsets, allowing riders to experience a space-themed adventure as they soared through the cosmos.

As we mark 22 years since its opening, fans of Alton Towers and coaster enthusiasts alike fondly remember Air for its groundbreaking design, thrilling experiences, and unforgettable flights. It remains a beloved classic in the world of theme park attractions.

So here’s to Air at Alton Towers, a coaster that dared us to dream of flight and brought the wonder of soaring through the skies to the thrill-seekers of the world. Cheers to 22 years of breathtaking twists, graceful dives, and unforgettable adventures!

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  1. They need to update this re track re paint make it back to air needs a major overhaul still one of my favourite rides but since nemisis update they all need re doing


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