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ALL NEW Fear Island at Fantasy Island


Brace yourself for the spine-chilling return of FEAR ISLAND this Halloween at Fantasy Island.

14th-15th / 18th-22nd / 25th-29th October 2023

Image Source: Fantasy Island
Enjoy a thrilling pirate show filled with spooky goings-on aboard the legendary ship, the Flying Dutchman

Prepare to be amazed by the jaw-dropping, blood-curdling attractions Fantasy Island have for you to enjoy in 2023.

The Ravenous

Journey into the depths of a secluded cabin and uncover the dark and disturbing secrets of a family consumed by an insatiable hunger. Escape the clutches of the family as they insist on having you for dinner.

The Outpost

Enter a post-apocalyptic world overrun by hordes of the undead. Navigate through a decaying medical military facility, battling relentless zombies to escape to the safety of the city.

Psycho Mansion

Step inside the infamous mansion that mysteriously vanished and reappeared with a vengeance. Navigate through multiple floors of murderous mayhem as animatronic scares and live-action psychopaths unleash their sadistic desires.

Ghostly Tales in the Crypt

Embark on an exciting Halloween adventure with the Crypt Keeper as your guide. Explore a maze beneath Fear Island Church filled with spooky goings-on, encounter friendly ghosts, and experience mild scares.

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Toucan Tours – The Temple of Gloom

Take a leisurely monorail ride through a mystical temple filled with comedy spooks and ghouls from ancient civilizations. Enjoy a family-friendly scare attraction combining humour, adventure, and mild scares.

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