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Drayton Manor: The Klondike Gold Mine

Klondike Gold Mine, Drayton Manor Park, England ( Image: Mathew Wells )

The ride was originally installed at Drayton Manor Theme Park in 1984, In 1995 it was refurbished and renamed to the Klondike Gold Mine.

Klondike Gold Mine ( Image: Mathew Wells )

In 2005, the attraction was moved to Hayling Island’s Funland.

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An escaped mine cart rattling precariously round its rusting track – you were on the back.

Klondike Gold Mine ( Image: Mathew Wells )

Inspired by the movies, the Klondike Old Mine ride was an edge of the seat, white-knuckle coaster.

It flinged passengers through a series of loops and spins at break neck speeds – wasn’t for the faint hearted.

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