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Fantasy Island: The Famous Millennium Rollercoaster in Skegness

Millennium’s Loop ( Image: Mathew Wells / Flickr )

The Millennium Rollercoaster is an exhilarating ride found at Fantasy Island. It was constructed to mark the beginning of the new millennium and has since become a popular attraction.

Riders of Volcano & Millennium ( Image: Mathew Wells / Flickr )

This rollercoaster stands out for its massive size and impressive features. It stretches high into the sky, with towering track elements that provide riders with breathtaking views while also adding to the adrenaline rush.

The Millennium Rollercoaster features a series of twists, turns, and inversions that take riders on an intense journey. It begins with a dramatic ascent up a steep hill, slowly building anticipation and excitement. Once at the top, riders experience a moment of weightlessness as they plummet down at high speeds.

Curved Drop of Millennium ( Image: Mathew Wells / Flickr )
Odyssey Ascends the Lift Hill ( Image: Mathew Wells / Flickr )

Throughout the entire ride, riders are strapped securely into their seats, ensuring a safe and enjoyable experience. The rollercoaster is constructed with strong and reliable materials, and routine maintenance and safety checks are performed to ensure its continued safe operation.

It is the fifth fastest roller coaster in the UK with a peak speed of 55.9 mph. With a top height of 45.5 metres, it is also the fourth-tallest roller coaster in the United Kingdom.

Exiting the Loop ( Image: Mathew Wells / Flickr )

Overall, the Millennium Rollercoaster is a must-try for thrill-seekers and rollercoaster enthusiasts. Its massive size, intense features, and commitment to safety make it a popular attraction in amusement parks around the world. Whether riding for the adrenaline rush or the sheer enjoyment of the experience, the Millennium Rollercoaster promises a thrilling and unforgettable ride.


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