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Journey to Hell returns at Blackpool Pleasure Beach with 3 NEW Scare Zones


The UK’s premier amusement park brings 3 NEW scare zones From 13th to 31st October.

Journey To Hell brings together scare zones, haunted ride areas and outrageous live entertainment at the UK’s premier amusement park.

Twisted Tunnels

Unveiling the underground terrors of 1920s Blackpool Pleasure Beach. Step into the eerie world of a new scare zone. Among the dark corners and hidden alcoves sinister lurks as an unexpected presence reminds you of the constant danger.

Vault of Shadows

The world’s first Ghost Train at Blackpool Pleasure Beach is steeped in history and legend and billed as one of the world’s most haunted rides.

Guests commonly report seeing ghostly apparitions, while staff often refuse to go in the ride alone, commenting that they feel as if they are being watched or that figures within the ride have come alive.


The spirits are watching, and they may have messages for the living. Walk through an ethereal realm where ghostly figures move gracefully amidst the darkness. They may be spirits or something more disturbing lurking in the shadows.

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