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Loggers Leap: The tallest log flume ride in the UK


Logger’s Leap was a log flume ride at Thorpe Park, It was the tallest log flume in the UK upon opening.

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In 1993, the Royal family and Princess Diana were photographed on the ride. Following her passing, a plaque in her honour was placed adjacent to the attraction.

Loggers Leap main entrance ( Image: Richard Smiler Jones )

When it was time to cool off, you hopped aboard Logger’s Leap, a classic log flume with a double drop twist.

Loggers Leap ( Image: Richard Smiler Jones )

This family favourite had a 16m double drop flume and made a splash in the waters below.

Lift Hill on Loggers Leap ( Image: Richard Smiler Jones )


  • Opened: 1989
  • Closed: 2015
  • Manufacturer: Mack
  • Area: Canada Creek
16m double drop ( Image: Richard Smiler Jones )
Loggers Leap final splash ( Image: Richard Smiler Jones )

Logger’s Leap did not open after the 2015 season.

On 14th March 2022, Thorpe Park submitted a planning application for their new roller coaster named ‘Hyperia’.

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