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Remembering Excalibur at Drayton Manor


Excalibur – a Dragon’s Tale – took you on amazing trip into Drayton Manors medieval kingdom, where dragons and knights tried to outwit each other, with surprising results!

The construction of Project Neptune, which would open as Excalibur in 2003

Opened in 2003 and closed in 2011. Excalibur was a tow boat ride system manufactured by BEAR GmbH and was situated across from the Drayton Manor zoo and used a cable pulley system to tow boats around a man made lake.

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The construction of Project Neptune, which would open as Excalibur in 2003
Excalibur main entrance
Excalibur Themeing
Lady of the Lake
Waterfall – it did stop for the boat to go through. Honest.
Excalibur Themeing

The commercial, produced for the park by PS Creative to advertise the £2.5m Excalibur – A Dragon’s Tale ride.

The advert was nominated for Best Commercial in the Craft Category of the British Animation awards in 2004.

Indoor Themeing
This 2003 park map marks the retheme of the historic Jungle Cruise ride to Excalibur

Comment below and share with us your memories of Excalibur.

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