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Remembering Trauma Towers: Interactive walk through horror experience

Trauma Towers Main Entrance in 2008

Trauma Towers was a haunted attraction located at Blackpool Pleasure Beach.

In 1980, the walk-through attraction with a hotel motif that led guests through many haunted rooms debuted.

Trauma Towers Family ( Image: Mathew Wells )

Trauma Towers was a Interactive walk through horror experience with a high speed, spinning ride at the end.

As a finale, Trauma Towers was connected to the nearby Tagada flat ride, which was transformed into the “Baronial Dining Hall.”

The old entrance was re-used as a photographic portrait studio after the closure. ( Image: Mathew Wells )

Throughout its lifetime, the attraction had undergone several changes, most notably the addition of more generic sceneries and alterations to the 1980s original design.

In 2009, the attraction closed and was left standing but not operating.

During the demolition of the Wild Mouse roller coaster in January 2018, the Trauma Tower building was completely dismantled to make room for ‘future improvements’.

Trauma Towers and the Wild mouse rollercoaster, also the dancing fountains. ( Image: Mathew Wells )

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