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Scenic Railway: The Oldest Rollercoaster in the UK

Scenic Railway at Dreamland


The Scenic Railway is a wooden rollercoaster located at the Dreamland Amusement Park.

The oldest rollercoaster in the UK, she is also known as the Queen of Dreamland, and she rules over there seashore. Despite escaping significant damage during World War II, she suffered severe fires in 1949, 1959, and 2008 that destroyed important portions of her building, including the workshop that tragically held her first hand-carved trains.

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Scenic Railway Stats

  • Location: Dreamland Margate
  • Opened: 3rd July 1920
  • Height: 40 ft
  • Length: 3,000 ft
  • Speed: 35 mph
  • Can you ride? You have to be over 1.25m to ride.

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