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Air Race: A Stomach Churning Aerial Adventure

The most challenging ride at Drayton Manor, since it defies anyone to walk off it without feeling just a tad queasy.

Maelstrom: ‘Best Thrill Ride’ 2023 Winner

Maelstrom, the enormous swinging pendulum ride at Drayton Manor, stands 22 metres tall.

Shockwave: Thank You for the Memories

Introduced as Drayton Manor's signature ride in 1994, it was a sensation, with over 1 million guests riding it every year.

Drayton Manor’s Christmas Wonderland Featuring 6 ALL NEW Festive Shows and Attractions

The best time of the year is here. Create treasured Christmas moments with the entire family at Drayton Manor's brand-new Christmas Wonderland.

Drayton Manor: The Klondike Gold Mine

Who remembers The Klondike Gold Mine Coaster?

Today starts the Last Stand Event on Shockwave at Drayton Manor

Shockwave Fans! Today starts the 3 day event to take your last stand! Drayton Manor are celebrating the history of Shockwave as they give you one last chance to experience Europe’s first intamin stand-up roller coaster

Shockwave at Drayton Manor to take its last stand

Drayton Manor are offering you the final opportunity to ride Shockwave in its current configuration.

Your Guide to The Haunted Manor Event at Drayton Manor Resort

Experience the best Halloween celebration with plenty of thrills and treats! Live entertainment, Halloween trails, and your favourite rides and attractions will get your day off to a spooky start.

4 Reasons to visit Vikings located at Drayton Manor

Drayton Manor's brand-new rides and attractions that are based on myths and tales about ancient gods.

10 Pictures of coaster supports for Drayton Manor’s NEW Intamin launch Rollercoaster for 2024

We all love some pictures of NEW coaster supports, Right?

Loki: The UK’s first Zamperla Nebulaz Located at Drayton Manor

Loki is a NebulaZ ride installed at Drayton Manor Theme Park and constructed by the Italian firm Zamperla.

Drayton Manor’s all-new Christmas Wonderland

It’s the most magical time of the year. Make great festive memories with family and friends at Drayton Manor’s ALL NEW Christmas Wonderland.

G Force: The only X-Car Coaster in the UK

G Force was a roller coaster located at Drayton Manor Resort.

Remembering Excalibur at Drayton Manor

Excalibur – a Dragon’s Tale – took you on amazing trip into Drayton Manors medieval kingdom, where dragons and knights tried to outwit each other, with surprising results!

Drayton Manor: Thomas & Percy’s Submarine Splash

With exciting twists and turns, splash into your very own adventure with Thomas & Percy’s Submarine Splash in Thomas Land. How to submit a picture Upload...

Embark on an Adventure with Thomas and Percy on Drayton Manor’s New Flume Ride at Thomas Land!

Embark on a thrilling adventure with Thomas and Percy at Drayton Manor's newest flume ride in Thomas Land. Help them make a special delivery...



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