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The Cyclone Roller Coaster at Southport Pleasureland

Cyclone Roller Coaster ( Image: Mathew Wells )

The Cyclone was a furious wooden coaster located at Pleasureland Southport that had you flying out of your seats on its many air-time filled drops.

The Cyclone opened on Good friday 1937. A figure-8 wooden coaster which is 2500 ft long. Although the coaster was designed by Charlie Page, the original station was designed by Joseph Emberton Riba. The station was rebuilt in 1985 following a fire.

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Train had three cars with three rows each, seating two abreast per row.

The colourful station of Cyclone at Pleasureland, Southport ( Image: Mathew Wells )

The station was damaged by fire in 1984 but was immediately rebuilt.

To try to rescue the ride, a group of coaster enthusiasts organised a petition, but this was unsuccessful.

Two of the many turns of the ride ( Image: Mathew Wells )

Pleasureland Southport closed permanently after the 2006 season, and with it went this classic wooden roller coaster.

The Cyclone was demolished on 20 November 2006.

There’s a quicker and higher version of this attraction in India’s Nicco Park that goes by the same name.

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