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The Day Camelot Theme Park Opened Knightmare


Knightmare opened at Camelot in the summer of 2007 and was over half a mile long, travelled at speeds over 40mph and was over 2 minutues long.

Knightmare originally featured five different coloured trains. When relaunched at Camelot, the park refurbished three of them

Knightmare, a three million pound ride, subjected you to more g force than any other rollercoaster in any of the UK`s Theme Parks when opened, pulling 5Gs at some points.

One of Knightmare’s many highlights was a mid-ride plunge nicknamed ‘the psycho drop’, after which riders were subject to extreme g forces. 

Knightmare was located in the Land of the Brave area of the park
Knightmare could be seen from other areas of the park.
Marketing campaign for the new Coaster by the park

Unfortunately, Camelot Theme Park closed at the end of the 2012 season and Knightmare remained standing-but-not-operating at the park.