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The Smiler: The World’s First 14 Loop Rollercoaster



The Smiler is a steel roller coaster located at Alton Towers.

The Smiler is the first 14-loop rollercoaster in the world. With 14 world-beating loops, a top speed of 85 km/hr, and a track length three times longer than Oblivion, this winding course has it all! This will test your physical and mental limits.

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The Smiler Stats

  • Location: Alton Towers
  • Height: 30 m
  • Top speed: 85 km per hour
  • G-Force: +4.5G
  • Ride length: 1,170m
  • Can you ride?
    You need to be at least 1.4 metres tall to ride The Smiler

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the-smiler-the-worlds-first-14-loop-rollercoasterThe huge, metallic, spider-like structure that forms the coaster track's core is one of the ride's main features. Known by the name "Marmaliser," this five-legged feature is in charge of making passengers smile in keeping with the ride's concept.


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