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In Pictures: Sik at Flamingo Land

Experience the thrill of Sik roller coaster at Flamingo Land with these adrenaline-pumping pictures!

Book Your 2024 Easter Break at Flamingo Land: Save up to 24%

Enjoy unlimited access to theme park, zoo, and splash zone.

Exclusive 2for1 Flamingo Land Tickets for Leeds United Season Ticket Holders

Take advantage of this 2 for 1 offer while visiting Flamingo Land's award-winning Zoo during the February half-term and on certain dates through March 10th.

Save 50% on Flamingo Land Zoo Admission This Winter – Limited Time Offer!

Ride on a variety of family rides around the park, including the Frog Hopper and Mumbo Jumbo.

Experience Mumbo Jumbo and More at Flamingo Land’s February Half Term – Book Now!

There's so much to see and do during the February Half Term that all you have to do is figure out how to squeeze it all in!

Kumali: A Must-Visit Coaster for Extreme Ride Fans

Kumali, the centrepiece looping suspended coaster at Flamingo Land Resort, is named after the head of the resort's very own lion pride.

Hero: Designed to give the Impression of Flying

Join your fellow astronauts as you embark for a suspended side-by-side ride that offers an incredibly clear perspective of the front row.

Splash Battle: The UK’s First Interactive Water Ride

With this being the first fully interactive water ride in the UK, everyone can have a wild, wet time!

Colossus VS Sik: The 10 Inversion Rollercoasters

Along with Colossus at #ThorpePark, Sik holds the second-highest number of inversions of any British rollercoaster. Which Is Better #SiK or #Colossus?

Flamingo Land Splash Zone opening to the public for winter

The multi-activity recreation centre at Flamingo Land features two amazing pools, one of which has an infinity edge, counter-current swim jets, a spa whirlpool, two indoor flume slides, as well as smaller slides that are perfect for younger guests.

Mumbo Jumbo: The UK’s Steepest Roller Coaster

So, think you can handle what’s sure to be one of the most adrenaline-fueled rides of your life?

Velocity: The UK’s first and only motorbike launch coaster

The highest and fastest innovation of its type in the world is available for you to ride at fast speeds on the UK's one and only motorbike launch coaster.

Cliff Hanger: The UK’s only S&S combo tower vertical drop ride

As the UK’s only S&S combo tower vertical drop ride, and one of the tallest in Europe, it offers views across Flamingo Land and the surrounding area from the top.

Some areas of Flamingo Land closed today due to “circumstances beyond there control”

Rides and attractions in the Dinostone Park and Swoosh area of the resort will not operate.


EXCLUSIVE: Mother’s Day 2for1 Offers

Thorpe Park: Early Bird £29 Ticket Offer

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