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In Pictures: Kumali at Flamingo Land


Kumali is a steel inverted roller coaster, known for its exhilarating twists, turns, and inversions. Riders are seated in suspended cars that swing beneath the track, providing a unique and intense experience.

Kumali is one of the most popular rides at Flamingo Land, attracting thrill-seekers from across the country. Its intense thrills and immersive theming make it a must-visit for coaster enthusiasts.

With its stunning top speed of 56 mph and distinctive custom layout, this ride is a genuine showstopper for aficionados of extreme rides.
With four inversions overall, you can experience up to 4.7g from a combination of our 55-foot Zero-G roll, 87-foot loop, and the 75-foot Cobra Roll, also known as the Boomerang, which suspends you over one of our lakes!
African theming and specially composed music by Electric Street Police finish off this top-notch attraction, making it look and sound as amazing as the exhilarating experience it is sure to provide.
Kumali is there spectacular showcase looping suspended coaster, named after the head of Flamingo Land Resort’s very own lion pride.
Kumali is currently only one of three operating Vekoma SLCs in the UK.
Kumali opened on 1 April 2006. It is situated where the Bullet previously stood.
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