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Unleashing Your Thrill-Seeking Senses: Vampire at Chessington World of Adventures



Vampire is an Arrow suspended swinging rollercoaster at Chessington World of Adventures theme park.

Our Review

The Vampire rollercoaster was first unveiled to the public in 1990, making it one of the oldest and most beloved rides in the park. Designed by John Wardley, a renowned rollercoaster designer, Vampire marries the elements of speed, g-forces, and adrenaline with a captivating medieval vampire theme.

With an inverted coaster design, riders sit in seats suspended beneath the coaster’s track, offering a unique sensation of weightlessness and maneuverability. The 746 meters of track takes riders on a thrilling journey through twists, turns, and inversions, making it one of the most exhilarating rollercoasters in the UK.

One of the reasons why the Vampire rollercoaster stands out is its immersive theming. From the moment visitors enter the queue line, they are transported into a mystical and chilling vampire world. The spine-tingling atmosphere is enhanced by gothic architecture, ambient lighting, and eerie sound effects. Lush greenery engulfs the track, adding an element of surprise as riders zoom through dense foliage.

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The Vampire rollercoaster offers a perfect balance of thrills and accessibility, catering to a wide range of visitors. With a minimum height requirement of 1.1 meters, the ride ensures that even younger visitors can enjoy this exhilarating adventure. Families can enjoy a memorable experience together, as the Vampire offers a safe but thrilling ride that appeals to various age groups.

Over the years, the Vampire rollercoaster has stood the test of time, continuing to amaze and entertain millions of visitors. Chessington World of Adventures has consistently invested in maintaining and enhancing the ride, ensuring its smooth operation and overall guest satisfaction. Regular inspections, modernizations, and updates have kept the Vampire rollercoaster in prime condition, reaffirming its reputation as a must-ride attraction.

Beyond its breathtaking twists and turns, the Vampire promises an immersive narrative that plunges riders into a world of bloodsuckers and the macabre. As the ride progresses, guests find themselves swept into the clutches of vampires, immersing them in a rollercoaster of emotions.

The darkened tunnels and immersive soundscapes heighten the suspense, making for an exhilarating encounter that blurs the lines between reality and fiction.

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The Vampire at Chessington World of Adventures stands as a testament to the park’s commitment to delivering unforgettable experiences. The ride caters to all who seek adventure, from first-time thrill-seekers to seasoned rollercoaster aficionados. Its perfect blend of suspense, immersion, and elegant design ensures that every ride is a memory etched into the minds of those fortunate enough to experience it.

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Vampire Stats

  • Location: Chessington World of Adventures
  • Opened: 11th April 1990
  • Height: 70 ft
  • Length: 2,200 ft
  • Speed: 45 mph
  • Can you ride? minimum of 1.1m tall to ride

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