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Your Guide to Big Easy Boulevard at Thorpe Park


Welcome to your guide to the lively ambiance of “Big Easy Boulevard,” the NEW area at Thorpe Park, where the street is alive with excitement!

The people here have learned the knack of not taking things too seriously, which makes life easy.

Get ready for the ultimate thrill on “Detonator,” where you’ll jump 100ft to a breathtaking fireworks finish! Enjoy the trip on Dodgems, a vintage bumper car attraction that will make the whole family giggle, and then treat yourself to the multisensory pleasures of 4D cinema! Enjoy yourself to the fullest!

Get your Thorpe Park tickets to go and experience there new land for 2024

Brace yourself for the ultimate blast on ‘Detonator’

This thrilling ride experience is quicker than freefall, with a breathtaking firework finale as you plummet 100 feet at 50 mph!

Fuel the fun on the classic bumper car ride

Big Easy Bumpers is a traditional bumper car ride that will make you and your family giggle. Come fuel the fun! Make your path to success by avoiding and bumping through curves and twists!

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Absorb yourself in the sensory 4D delights of Sunset Cinema

With there latest blockbuster, be ready to be swept away into an enthralling world of sights, sounds, and surprises!

Watch this space to see which film Thorpe Park will be showing in 2024.

Boulevard Bites

Put on some elastic jeans and tuck into the delicious treats offered by Boulevard Bites.

CandyPips SweetEasy

Stacked from floor to ceiling with all the sweet treats your heart desires, satisfy your sweet tooth with a visit to CandyPips SweetEasy

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