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10 Facts About “Icon” at Blackpool Pleasure Beach

Image Source: Richard Smiler Jones
Icon at Blackpool Pleasure Beach

Here are 10 fun and fascinating facts about “Icon” at Blackpool Pleasure Beach.

1. UK’s First Double Launch Coaster:

  • “Icon” opened at Blackpool Pleasure Beach in 2018 as the UK’s first double launch roller coaster, manufactured by Mack Rides.

2. ICON Got twisted with ENSŌ

  • In a first for Europe, ICON’s rear seats have been adapted so that riders can spin and twist freely during the ride’s thrilling duration.

3. Acceleration and Speed:

  • “Icon” accelerates from 0 to 52 mph during its first launch, providing an intense and thrilling start to the ride.

4. Unique Layout:

  • The coaster boasts a compact yet dynamic layout, featuring twists, turns, inversions, and airtime hills packed into its 3,750 feet of track.

5. The Immelmann Loop:

  • One of the standout elements of “Icon” is its Immelmann loop, where riders experience a half-loop followed by a half-twist, providing an exhilarating inversion.

6. Speedy Pass:

  • Guests can access the ride with a Speedy Pass, which allows them to bypass the wait, at the base of the Big Dipper’s steps.
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7. Iconic Trains:

  • The coaster’s trains feature sleek and futuristic designs, fitting with the modern and innovative theme of “Icon.”

8. Seatbelts:

  • In 2021, the lap bars were modified to have seatbelts fitted

9. Nighttime Illumination:

  • “Icon” is beautifully illuminated at night with LED lights, creating a stunning visual spectacle as it speeds through its twists and turns.

10. Multi-Sensory Experience:

  • With its fast-paced launches, inversions, airtime hills, and smooth track design, “Icon” offers a multi-sensory experience that thrills riders from start to finish.

“Icon” quickly became a fan-favorite at Blackpool Pleasure Beach, blending cutting-edge technology with thrilling coaster elements to create an unforgettable ride experience for guests of all ages.

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  1. They have to be the crappest 10 facts 😂, here’s some more fascinating facts:
    icon has on ride photos which can be bought afterwards.

    Icon has a queue system which you wait in until it’s your turn to ride.

  2. 11th being the robbing greedy owners charging £15 per ride extra to sit on Enzo (tye back 2 rotating seats) Their greedy attitude has actually stopped me from visiting the park the last 2 years on principle.

    • Allan Boyd i was their today, for the 50 mins i was queuing i didn’t see anybody on those enzo seats, so wud have been better keeping them as normal seats or just letting folk on who wanted to rather than keep sending it out with them 2 seats empty

    • Kyle Maddocks How busy was rest of the Pleasure Beach when you were there? They have so many removed rides and others not operating I’m wondering if it’s worth a visit?

    • Allan Boyd it was fairly busy as its still school holidays over this way, which we weren’t aware of when we booked to come. Plus today was probably the nicest day weather wise that it has been so far this week. Was like between 30 mins to 1hr que time for the main rides. Infusion was closed, iceblast must be getting decommissioned. As usual food and drinks expensive, getting in has changed from when i last went, now they expect you to use your phone to scan onto the rides, last time I came it was a wrist band, you can que and have a ticket printed if worried about phone battery like we did. You can pay extra to que jump if u want to

    • Allan Boyd seems that way now yes, a QR code on the app is what they want you to have. Parking was £12 to £16 depending how close of car park you choose

    • Allan Boyd i used to come when i was a child, in the 80s, it was very family orientated then, you bought books of tickets, grandparents could walk around free of charge and enjoy watching grandkids etc. When they initially brought in a charge it was a smaller charge for those who just wanted to walk around with family, now they have to pay full price even if not going on rides. I get that Alton Towers etc charge the gee to enter, but Alton Towers and such are places where you go to mainly for the rides and there is nowhere else to go other than into the park, bit blackpool has so many other things to do, its jist not the same anymore on the pleasure beach as it was.

    • Allan Boyd indeed they seem to be in a serious decline, won’t be long until we see cocodamol vending machines in there with the roughness of a lot of their rides. Big changes needed


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