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4 Reasons to visit Vikings located at Drayton Manor


Discover a brand-new land with Vikings! Enjoy Drayton Manor’s brand-new rides and attractions that are based on myths and tales about ancient gods.


Presenting the much anticipated Disk’O Coaster. An exciting new family ride called Thor is named after the iconic god of thunder. It will give riders the ultimate sense of weightlessness by spinning them over a coaster track in a huge wheel.


Presenting the first Zamperla Nebulaz in the UK. With eight gondolas and four arms revolving in a quickly intermeshing orbit, Loki is a family thrill attraction. The nefarious god of mischief Loki served as inspiration for this wonderfully captivating ride that will take guests to unprecedented altitudes.


Jormungandr is a reimagined version of the beloved Buffalo Coaster that is perfect for younger thrill seekers who want to ride their first miniature coaster. Taking visitors on a long journey through the Vikings, along with breathtaking views of the amusement park and its neighbouring lake.


The brand-new Sleipnir attraction will lead young adventurers on a thrilling tour of a training facility where they will learn how to become mighty gods from the story of the legendary old Viking horse.


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