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Gulliver’s World: Thrilling New Rides and New Area


A brand-new area is opening this season at Gulliver’s World Warrington to celebrate the park’s 45th anniversary.

Gulliver’s World Warrington are taking things up a gear with two thrilling rides including a brand-new coaster and 360° spin ride!

Gears at Gulliver's World
NEW Gears Area at Gulliver’s World ( Picture: Gulliver’s World)

Gulliver’s World have confirmend the height restrictions on both rides.


Ride Alone: Over 150cm

Ride with Adult: 120-150cm

Can’t ride: Under 120cm

Grand Prix Racers

Ride Alone: Over 120cm

Ride with Adult: 100-120cm

Can’t ride: Under 100cm

( Picture: Gulliver’s World)

The rides will be unveiled for the first time on a “special launch weekend” 31st March – 2nd April.

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