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Remembering Ice Age The 4D Experience at Alton Towers


Located in the Cloud Cuckoo Land Theatre of the Theme Park, Ice Age The 4D Experience cinema combined 3D footage, based on the third movie in the series, with an exhilarating variety of physical effects provided fans with the ultimate, ultra-cool, 4D experience!

The 4D Experience replaced the Go!Go!Go! show

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Ice Age The 4D Experience
Ice Age The 4D Experience Main Entrance

Also new for 2012 was the Ice Age Themed Rooms located in the Alton Towers Hotel – inspired by the brilliant Ice Age films and featuring the loveable characters Scrat, Manny, Diego and Sid, the super cool rooms are fantastically themed and provide the ultimate sleepover for any Ice Age fan!

Guests were seated on basic benches to watch the movie.

The 4D Experience was one of two new additions to Alton Towers in 2012, with the other being thrill ride Nemesis Sub-Terra.

A wide variety of Ice Age merchandise was on offer in the shop.

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