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8 Pictures of the Summer Carnival Event at Thorpe Park


Roll up! Roll up! Carnival was back at THORPE PARK Resort this summer! Taking over the theme park every day from 21st July – 28th August.

Image Source: Mathew Wells
Join the Thorpe Park Circus

Visitors laughed, screamed, and launched into summer at Thorpe Parks awe-inspiring Carnival event!​

Image Source: Mathew Wells
Carnival Contortionist
Image Source: Mathew Wells
The Cannon

Experience life as a human cannonball as you accelerate to 80 mph in under two seconds on Stealth – the UK’s fastest rollercoaster,

Image Source: Mathew Wells
Thorpe Park Carnival
Image Source: Mathew Wells
The Carnival Junkyard: Fire Performer

Featuring high-energy Free Runners, mind-bending Contortionists, nail-biting Hoop Divers and magnificent Aerial Artists, these acts were sure to blow your mind.

Image Source: Mathew Wells
Riding a Penny Farthing
Image Source: Mathew Wells
Carnival Junkyard
Image Source: Mathew Wells
Trailers: Breakout at Bozos

Enter the dark side of the Carnival in Trailers: Breakout at Bozo’s – a maze with a hilarious twist! The clowns of Bozo’s took over there award-winning attraction creating an experience that was sure to make you laugh and scream in equal measure.​​

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Thorpe Park look forward to welcoming you back in 2024. If you can’t wait till then, there are more events coming in 2023.

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