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Blackgang Chine: Two NEW Attractions Coming 2024

Image Source: Blackgang Chine

Enjoy an exciting day of attractions, rides and events for all ages at Blackgang Chine on the Isle of Wight.

New Additions for the New Season

With one month remaining, the park is looking great! All of there favourites have had their winter makeovers: TWO new attractions are being installed, Cowboy Town has been given a shine greater than a sheriff’s spur, and the Pirate Ships have been made seaworthy. That’s right—two!

Something New is Swinging in

If you missed there teaser video, head over to there social media channels now and check out what it could be.

Blackgand Chine said:we have a second card up our sleeve, which for we’ll have to leave you guessing about, but it’s one that we are sure will have you jumping for joy and iScreaming for more.”

Coming Soon

Set sail on an exciting adventure at Blackgang Chine! Step aboard a ghostly ship, condemned to sail through stormy waters after encountering a colossal whale one fateful nigh. Join us for a thrilling journey. COMING SOON!

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What’s on 2024

Blackgang Chine is bringing you three fun-filled family events this year, all of which are included in your 2024 Season Pass – which ones will you be attending?

Wild West Week: Yee-Haw! Get ready to ride through Cowboy Town as Wild West Week arrives this Whitsun. From stunt shows to shoot outs, and Firework Fiesta on Wednesday evening!

Summer Fest: Blackgang favourite Summer Fest returns throughout the summer holidays. Get ready to dance with there resident DJ, get stuck into the foam party, and sit back and enjoy the firework finale.

Fiesta Dead: National Award Winning Fiesta of the Dead returns in October as they cross over from the Land of the Living to celebrate life in this colourful, illuminated extravaganza.

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