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Blackpool Pleasure Beach: Grand Prix will be SBNO for the 2024 Season


Blackpool Pleasure Beach have confirmend on there official website that Grand Prix will be Standing But Not Operating for there 2024 season.

Some Pleasure Beach fans tweeted on X regarding the closure of the ride.

Forrest Thrills Tweeted:Grand prix is always a favourite for a chilled out ride round the park, will be missed this season! *Hopefully* back 2025?..

Your Experience Guide replied to the Tweet:Can’t see it coming back tbh”

Will Grand Prix reopen in 2025? share your thoughts with us in the comments below

The Grand Prix is a vintage-style racing attraction where riders can hop into colorful, themed cars and drive on a twisting and turning track.

The attraction features a fleet of electric cars, each designed to resemble classic Grand Prix racing cars. These cars are equipped with steering wheels, pedals, and simple controls, allowing riders to navigate the track.

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  1. It spent a lot of time not running last year, there was a lot of down time when it should of been running with ride ops and sparkies combing the electrical pick ups searching for the latest break in the line.


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