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Chessington World of Adventures: Plans to stop ‘The Mud’ are revealed

(Image: Chessington)

Parking at Chessington World of Adventures will be upgraded, according to plans, to prevent cars from becoming trapped in the mud and generating backups.

After receiving complaints from visitors about the problems, the well-known amusement park in South London plans to renovate one of its southern parking lots.

The owner, Merlin Entertainments, has filed proposals to make a portion of the Macaw Car Park, accessible from Leatherhead Road in Chessington, weather-resistant.

Stuck in the Mud

(Image: Chessington)

The proposed renovations entail paving the western track connecting the car park’s entry and exit points as well as the parking bays and aisles.

The report said:The proposed surfacing will address an existing major shortcoming that occurs during periods of wet weather when cars often get stuck in the mud and experience difficulties getting into and out of the parking areas, causing tailbacks onto Leatherhead Road.

This undermines the safe and efficient operation of the Macaw Car Park and has led to negative guest feedback for many years.”

Kingston Council will make a decision on the proposals for Macaw Car Park in due course.


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