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Colossus VS Sik: The 10 Inversion Rollercoasters


One example of a second-generation Intamin Multi Inversion Coaster is Sik.

Thorpe Park’s Colossus has a first-generation design that is comparable. The later generation model has trains with lap-bar restraints and amore sharply shaped first descent.

Trains move far faster through the last run of heartline rolls than they did on the first-generation machines.

Colossus (1st Generation)

Before plunging into an underground trench, soar high and low through Thorpe Park’s Lost City, getting near enough to wave to those walking along the path.

Colossus held the Guinness World Record for the most looping roller coaster in the world until 2013.

Colossus Satistics

    • Height: 98ft
    • Speed: 44mph
    • Drop: 97ft
    • Length: 2,789ft
    • Duration: 1:32
    • G-Force: 4.2
    • Opening Date: 22nd March 2002

    Sik (2nd Generation)

    Take part in five inversions, such as a massive 25-meter loop, a corkscrew, a cobra roll, and five disorienting heart-line rolls!

    Along with Colossus at Thorpe Park, Sik holds the second-highest number of inversions (10) of any British rollercoaster, behind Alton Towers’s Smiler with (14).

    Sik Statistics

    • Height: 108.3ft
    • Speed: 52.9mph
    • Length: 2,870ft
    • Duration: 1:05
    • G-Force: 3
    • Opening Date: 2nd July 2022

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