Home Reviews Kumali: A Must-Visit Coaster for Extreme Ride Fans

Kumali: A Must-Visit Coaster for Extreme Ride Fans

Kumali at Flamingo Land


Kumali is a Vekoma Suspended Looping Coaster (SLC), located in Flamingo Land Resort.

With its distinctive bespoke layout and astonishing peak speed of 56mph, this is a genuine showstopper for extreme ride fans. You’ll experience up to 4.7g from a combination of there 87 foot towering loop, 55 foot Zero-G roll, and the Cobra Roll, or Boomerang, which suspends you over one of there lakes at a height of 75 feet!

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Kumali Stats

  • Location: Flamingo Land Resort
  • Length: 2,202.75 ft
  • Height: 117.75 ft
  • Speed: 56mph
  • G-Force: 4.7
  • Can you ride? Min Height 4′ 3″ / 1.3m

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