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Nemesis Reborn: Will the Iconic ‘Blood River’ Return?


Nemesis opened on 19th March 1994 and featured a ‘river of blood’

This flowed beneath the vertical loop and into a sizable pool at the bottom of the ravine.

Water Cleared

In 2012 Alton Towers removed the Dye from the water.

Water cleared

Although the exact cause of the dye removal was not disclosed, it is thought to have been caused by heavy rain fall in 2012.

Will we see the River of Blood return with Nemesis Reborn? Post your thoughts below in the comments

Even though the park posted on Twitter that the colour loss was a “temporary issue” the coloured water (river of blood) has not returned.

Alton Towers have not yet confirmend if the Iconic Blood River will return with the rebuilt Nemesis Reborn.

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