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Remembering Beaver Creek at Blackpool Pleasure Beach


Beaver Creek was a children’s amusement park inside Blackpool Pleasure Beach.

Many of the rides were re-themed or moved into a different part of the park.

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Built in 1934, the Zipper Dipper wooden kiddies coaster at Blackpool Pleasure Beach was originally known as the Little Dipper
A wooden coaster composed of bunny hills and a tunnel.
Magic Mountain at Blackpool Pleasure Beach.
Beaver Creek Log Flume, a standard one hill Log Chute.
Beaver Creek sign that was on the Tom Sawyer bridge at Blackpool Pleasure Beach.
Main entrance to Beaver Creek.
Overview of Catering Co.
Beaver Creek Log Flume Overview.
The park monorail going over Beaver Creek.
Fountain that was located at the entrance to Beaver Creek.

Beaver Creek closed on 5th September 2010 when Managing Director Amanda Thompson announced that it would be bringing a new Nickelodeon Land area to the park.

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