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Slammer: The first ride of its kind outside the US


One of the world’s most awesome rotary thrill rides and the only one installed in Europe opened on 28th March 2005 at Thorpe Park.

SLAMMER promised the ultimate full throttle free fall experience without having to jump out of a plane

First riders were taken soaring 105 feet towards the sky. As their faces confronted the clouds they were flipped over to be slam-dunked towards the earth in an intense 30mph “free fall” only to swoop skywards again just before hitting the ground and giving the ultimate pulled out of your seat experience!

Upside Down on Slammer

An impressive looking ride, gived both a positive and negative g-force experience, with two giant paddles rotating 360 degrees backwards and forwards around a centre axis.

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SLAMMER promised dizzying, adrenaline-fuelled free fall thrills, as well as providing those left on the ground with an with an awesome spectacle

Ever since Slammer opened in 2005, dependability problems plagued the ride.

Thorpe Park stated On May 4th 2017, In order to create room for upcoming attractions, Slammer would be permanently dismantled and shuttered.

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