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Splash Battle: The UK’s First Interactive Water Ride

Splash Battle at Flamingo Land


Splash Battle is a splash battle-type ride located at Flamingo Land.

With this being the first fully interactive water ride in the UK, everyone can have a wild, wet time!

So, are you a salty sea dog or a landlubber? The moment to choose is now! You and your courageous crew can assume command of a Splash Battle sub, for those who have a blood ties to the sea. With each of you carrying a powerful water cannon, you’ll need to aim carefully to stay dry. It is your responsibility to drown cowardly landlubbers and other seamen in addition to attempting to stay dry.

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Splash Battle Stats

  • Location: Flamingo Land
  • Manufacturer: Preston & Barbieri
  • Opened: July 2007
  • Can you ride? Min Height 3′ / 0.91m

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splash-battle-the-uks-first-interactive-water-rideEach rider has a water gun which is powered by turning the handles. The water gun is used to shoot targets which activate certain features throughout the ride. The guns can also be aimed at other riders or even innocent bystanders.


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