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The NEW Ride Swinging into Blackgang Chine for 2024 is “The Jolly Robin”

Image Source: Blackgang Chine

For the 2024 season, the oldest theme park in the UK will welcome a new attraction. At Blackgang Chine, board “The Jolly Robin” and be ready to be carried away on a terrifying voyage through the centre of a fabled storm.

This unique swinging ship ride immerses you in the terrifying story of a haunted whaling ship that was sunk by a big whale in a fierce blow and is now destined to cruise the waters in a never-ending storm, offering more than just the exhilaration of the high seas.

The beast that sealed those buried souls’ destiny will accompany those who have the courage to go out on this adventure. You will enter their narrative by passing through the Whale’s mouth, where the echoes of the past, the murmurs of the lost crew, and the towering shadow of the hideous beast fill the air.

Opening Date is to be Confirmend

Every sway in “The Jolly Robin” simulates the violent waves that once engulfed the ship, giving passengers the impression that they are trapped in the very storm that decided the ship’s destiny.

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At its height, “The Jolly Robin” gives stunning views of the surrounding ocean and provides an amazing experience that mixes the thrill of a terrifying ride with the mystery of a spooky tale from deep below the surface.

Experience “The Jolly Robin” at Blackgang Chine and become a part of this nautical legend. This ride brings myth and history to life and tells a gripping narrative of the high seas while serving as a reminder of nature’s deadly retribution.

Blackgang Chine will reopen on 23rd March 2024

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