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The Odyssey: The largest SLC (Suspended Looping Coaster) in the world


The Odyssey is a roller coaster at Fantasy Island in Ingoldmells, England.

Hold on tight as you soar into the air at incredible heights and speeds amid a tornado of inversions. The Jubilee Odyssey is a very harrowing experience that is not recommended for those with weak stomachs.

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The Odyssey has a maximum speed of 63 mph and is capable of forces up to 4.8g

The Odyssey is the highest Suspended Looping Coaster (SLC) in the whole globe according to Vekoma. It is the third highest roller coaster in the UK, rising 167 feet (51 metres) in height.

Fun Fact: 167ft High, 62 mph, 2924ft long, 124ft vertical loop

High winds prevent it from operating when gusts exceed 25 to 30 mph in some directions because of the greater risk of the train stalling.

Station area

The stated cost of its construction, £28 million, is the costliest of any roller coaster ever constructed in the UK.

Odyssey’s First Drop

The five-inversion rollercoaster is driven by a £4 million dung-powered generator, which converts manure into methane gas.

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