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Velocity: The UK’s first and only motorbike launch coaster

Velocity at Flamingo Land (Image: Mathew Wells / Flickr )

The highest and fastest innovation of its type in the world is available for you to ride at fast speeds on the UK’s one and only motorbike launch coaster.

Velocity and station area (Image: Mathew Wells / Flickr )

This is an absolute must-see for all true roller coaster aficionados, reaching speeds of 0-60 mph in under 2.8 seconds while speeding through more than 2000 feet of hairpin curves, steep inclines and spine-tingling falls.

Velocity NEW colour scheme (Image: Mathew Wells / Flickr )

Velocity was given a red exterior with grey supports and a red and yellow train for the 2020 season. Previously, the ride’s track and supports were blue and orange, and the train’s colours were blue and yellow.

The unique constraint design on Velocity was built especially for Flamingo Land Resort. Hold on tight as you prepare for the experience of a lifetime as your upper body is now free to move.

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