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What to do at Alton Towers if it’s Raining


Alton Towers is one of the Uk’s most Popular theme parks, Though the park offers a great selection of rides and attractionsi, the biggest problem is when the weather forecast says it’s going to rain.

Bad Weather can bring ride closures and wet clothes.

So what can you do at Alton Towers if your visit turns into a wet one? Below we may have the answer for you…

1Sharkbait Reef by Sealife

Captain Black and his men in Mutiny Bay uncover Sharkbait Reef beneath the wreckage of the galleon. The UK’s first tropical interactive pool is teeming with blacktip sharks, chocolate chip starfish, spotted rays, seahorses and shrimp that will manicure the tips of your fingers if you dip them into the touch pool.

2The Curse at Alton Manor

You’re invited into the abandoned Alton Manor, which was mysteriously taken back. Keep your wits about you, learn Emily Alton’s tale, and ride further inside the old Manor. She only wants to have fun.

3The Alton Towers Dungeon

Before being sentenced to a treacherous boat trip down the Black River by the Bishop of Stafford, you’ll be Screaming!

4Gangsta Granny: The Ride

As Granny and Ben want your assistance to carry off the largest diamond theft in history, board your royal carriage! Break into the crown jewels vault by riding a thrilling adventure with 360-degree spectacular effects through the sewers!

5Justin’s House, the Pie-O-Matic Factory

The Pie-O-Matic Factory is jam-packed with entertaining mayhem, much like Justin’s home! Yes, Robert has been inventing once again. This time, he has created a factory that produces the tastiest custard pies, and it is your responsibility to add the cherries on the top!

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6Marauder’s Mayhem

Get ready to spin your squad around at swashbuckling speeds by entering the gunpowder barrels on Marauder’s Mayhem.


Plunge into the beautiful world of water! Regardless of the weather, splashtastic grins are assured at Alton Towers Waterpark since it’s open all year round!

8Arcades and Shops

Arcades may be found all across Alton Towers Park if you don’t mind spending some cash. This might be a fun way to kill time if you’re waiting for the rides to reopen or don’t want to stand outside in the rain.

There are many shops and food options at Alton Towers, so even if the weather is making you miserable, you can find a place to cover. The largest gift shop in the park and offering the broadest assortment of gifts is Towers Trading on Towers Street.

9Alton Towers Rainy Day Guarantee

During your day at Alton Towers, if the weather has an impact on the ride offerings, you may take advantage of their Rainy Day Guarantee. As a result, visitors with valid tickets may visit the theme park again the another day to enjoy their favourite rides in the sunshine.


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