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Did You Know: Pleasure Beach Resort offers the option of a ‘Pre-paid cash card’

Pleasure Beach Resort Entrance

The Pleasure Beach Resort provides guests with the option of a “Pre-paid Cash Card,” which they can use to swap cash for a card that can be used throughout the park at Ticket Sales or Guest Services.

The Card is a physical card which is purchased at locations in Blackpool Pleasure Beach or online at www.blackpoolpleasurebeach.com.

The Card can only be used within the Amusement Park to purchase food, drink and retail products and cannot be used in the following:

  • Car Parks
  • The Globe Theatre
  • The Big Blue Hotel and The Boulevard Hotel
  • Adventure Golf
  • Ripleys Believe It or Not
  • Burger King
  • Kentucky Derby
  • Palmist, Oyster Bar
  • Madame Crevettes
  • Picento/Theme Shots
  • Ride Photography
  • HB Leisure Games
  • Pasaje Del Terror

The Card is valid for a period of 730 days from the date of its purchase following which it will expire automatically.

For terms and conditions and to purchase visit their retail website.


  1. Still not as good as being able to pay with physical cash and gey change like you can at Alton Towers and at least a third of outlets at Thorpe Park though is it?


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