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In Pictures: Storm Chaser at Paultons Park


Storm Chaser adds an exciting new dimension to Paultons Park’s attractions, providing families with another memorable experience during their visit.

Storm Chaser was introduced to Paultons Park in 2021, adding to the park’s lineup of family-friendly attractions.

The coaster features vibrant and colorful trains designed to resemble storm-chasing vehicles. Each train is equipped with comfortable seating for riders.
Storm Chaser takes riders on a whirlwind adventure with twists, turns, and banked curves. The coaster navigates a compact layout, providing an exciting ride experience.
While offering thrills, Storm Chaser is designed to be suitable for families and younger riders. It provides an introduction to coaster excitement without being overly intense.
Storm Chaser is a great addition to Paultons Park’s lineup of family-friendly attractions. It offers a balance of excitement and accessibility, appealing to a wide range of guests.
Mack Rides are known for their smooth and comfortable ride experiences. Storm Chaser likely provides a smooth coaster experience for all riders.

Whether you’re a coaster enthusiast or enjoying a day out with family, Storm Chaser provides a fun and memorable ride for guests of all ages. Be sure to add this exciting coaster to your itinerary during your visit to Paultons Park in Hampshire, England!


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