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Nemesis Reborn: Alton Towers Resort Reveals New Name And Fearsome New Creature For Nemesis Rollercoaster


Thrillseekers have been given a first glimpse at the fearsome beast they will face when Alton Towers Resort’s legendary Nemesis rollercoaster returns in the spring.

The thrilling attraction has received the most extensive renovations in its 30-year existence and will now be called as Nemesis Reborn.

Part of the transformation has seen the entire 250-tonne, 716-metre-long track replaced as well as a complete update of the beast which gives the ride its name. 

Now a striking animation and image released today by The Resort shows a single, giant blazing red eye, ringed by razor-sharp teeth sitting at the centre of its head.  

Tentacles emerge from the beast’s body, bearing the same, terrible teeth.

Huge, strong claws emerge from its muscular core as it propels itself with swift, black legs.

It trailed a tail that it whipped with bone-crushing ferocity.

Fans were recently given a heart-stopping glimpse of the beast’s raw might in an action-packed video indicating that it had escaped from its guarded confines at Alton Towers Resort.

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Nemesis was Europe’s first inverted rollercoaster when it opened in 1994, and it has since gained cult status among thrillseekers throughout the world.

Bianca Sammut, Divisional Director at Alton Towers Resort, said: “Nemesis is utterly cherished by generations of thrillseekers. As Europe’s first inverted rollercoaster it occupies a special place in the heart for so many. At Alton Towers Resort we’ve been working tirelessly to transform this iconic attraction and we’re delighted to give fans a first look at the terrifying creature that gives it its name. This year fans will be able to experience the stand-out thrills of Nemesis Reborn for themselves. We’re keeping tight-lipped about the exact date of its return for now, but we can assure you … the wait will be worth it.”  


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