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NEW Big Dipper Art Deco Range at Pleasure Beach Resort


Pleasure Beach Resort offers a wide range of merchandise that visitors can purchase to remember their experience or to show their support for the park.

Get your hands on a Big Dipper Art Deco Notebook. Embossed onto the notebook, this design is the one to show off to everyone! Limited to 100, purchase yours now before they are gone forever!

Quench your thirst in style with there brand new big dipper art deco bottle! Made from an insulating metal to keep your drinks the desired temperature throughout your day while giving it a durability like no other! Coming in 2 beautiful colours with the same complex design. 

(Image: Blackpool Pleasure Beach)

Looking to impress your friends at work? Why not check out there gorgeous new art deco stationary complete with there unique new design to show off there hundred year old wooden coaster! With there new pencils, pens and rulers you can complete paperwork or write notes like no one else!

Pleasure Beach Resort has multiple shops and stalls throughout its premises, offering a diverse selection of items to suit every taste and budget.

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