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Remembering Pleasure Island Family Theme Park


Pleasure Island Family Theme Park was a theme park in Cleethorpes, England. It was commonly known as Pleasure Island. The park opened on 27 May 1993 until closing at the end of the 2016 season after seeing a gradual fall in visitor numbers.

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Boomerang – Pleasure Island’s flagship ride. A roller coaster with an exciting difference! The train is winched up to a height of 41 metres and then released to travel at speed through a loop and curves before climbing again to give passengers the thrill of a ‘boomerang’ return.

Pleasure Island had thrilled vistors, but it is now a ghost of its wonderful past and nature has taken over. Much of the park is overgrown and all rides have been dismantled and sold.

Pendulus – Standing tall on four legs, the central gondola rotates and spins passengers 360° to a dizzy height of 80 feet. Pendulus is an exhilarating stomach churning ride, which has quickly become a favourite amongst thrill seekers.
Gravitron – A spaceship ride was located at Pleasure Island after a short stint at Alton Towers.
Hyrdomax – This nail biting attraction was truly for those with nerves of steel. The 4 passengers in each carriage are catapulted anti clockwise 360 degrees at a speed of 75 km/h, and with a breath taking G force of 4.1.
Alakazam – This awesome white knuckle ride literally sweeped you off your feet as it transported you high into the Cleethorpes skies, giving you the sensation of flying and weightlessness.
Century 2000 – Passengers traveled at top speed round and round whilst being elevated to dizzy heights of 60 feet.
Terror Rack – Suspended in mid air for 10 seconds before the ride continued spinning in a reverse motion.
Mini Mine Train – Just like a grown ups rollercoaster, the Mini Mine Train boasts several drops and traveled at a breath taking speed of 45 km/h. Kids especially loved this ride.
Hyper Blaster – The 100 foot tower of terror blasted you into space at a G Force of 3, before you droped free-fall style towards the ground, and just when you think it was all over… you’re shot back towards the sky!
Obliterator – With lots of different ride combinations, no two journeys on the Obliterator were the same. Take your seat, hold on tight and be prepared to be rotated 360 degrees upside down. All that lies between you and the ground, 100 feet below, was your safety harness.

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