Home Pictures Sneak Peek: Winter Maintenance Continues at Thorpe Park

Sneak Peek: Winter Maintenance Continues at Thorpe Park

( Image: Thorpe Park )

Zodiac has been stripped and is ready for its inspection. The gondolas are having a service before rebuild.

( Image: Thorpe Park )

The Stealth catch car has been removed & flipped for inspection. The catch car is what Stealth’s ride train connects into to launch you.

( Image: Thorpe Park )

A SAW car after its been returned from there main Engineering Workshop to the SAW Workshop ready for final rebuild.

( Image: Thorpe Park )

Thorpe Park rides and coasters get jet washed which helps with inspections by removing any dirt & grime.

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( Image: Thorpe Park )

The Rumba Rapids friction wheels have been refurbed ready to be fitted to the motor gearboxes.

Get an inside look at Thorpe Park's ride maintenance process! From stripping and inspection to refurbishment and rebuilding, see how they keep the rides running smoothly.
( Image: Thorpe Park )

The trains for Flying Fish have been removed from the track and will be taken to the main workshop to be stripped, cleaned, inspected and rebuilt

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