Home Reviews Nemesis Inferno: Exploring the Thrills and Chills of Thorpe Park’s Roller Coaster

Nemesis Inferno: Exploring the Thrills and Chills of Thorpe Park’s Roller Coaster

Nemesis Inferno at Thorpe Park


Nemesis Inferno is a steel inverted roller coaster at the Thorpe Park.

Our Review

Located at Thorpe Park, Nemesis Inferno stands tall as one of the most thrilling roller coasters in the UK. With its intense twists, turns, and inversions, this roller coaster promises an adrenaline-pumping experience like no other.

In this review, we will delve into the details of Nemesis Inferno, exploring its design, unique features, and overall appeal.

As you approach the entrance of Nemesis Inferno, the sheer size and complexity of this roller coaster becomes apparent. Designed by John Wardley, a renowned roller coaster engineer, Nemesis Inferno is a masterpiece of thrill-inducing engineering.

The coaster’s imposing structure, painted in fiery red hues, serves as a visual testament to the exhilarating adventure that awaits riders.

Once strapped into the comfortable and secure seats, the anticipation builds as the train slowly ascends the initial incline. With each click-clack of the track, excitement courses through your veins, preparing you for the adrenaline rush to come.

As the train reaches the summit, you are suddenly plunged into a breathtaking 92ft drop, hurtling towards the ground at speeds reaching 50 mph.

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The first inversions come in quick succession, with a corkscrew twist and a zero-G roll that leave riders gasping for breath. The smoothness of the ride is truly remarkable; you are never jolted or thrown around, making for a comfortable yet thrilling experience.

The heart-pounding moments continue as the coaster weaves through an intricate fusion of loops, legs, and cobra rolls, each maneuver expertly executed to maintain a seamless flow.

One of the standout features of Nemesis Inferno is its theming.

It is evident that great care was taken to design every aspect of this roller coaster, from its structure to its theme, resulting in a truly captivating ride.

The duration of Nemesis Inferno is just over two minutes, but within that short span of time, you experience a roller coaster journey that will linger in your memory long after the ride is over.

The combination of its exhilarating twists and turns, its seamless and comfortable ride experience, and its immersive theming make Nemesis Inferno a must-ride for any thrill-seeking adventurer.

One aspect worth noting is that, due to its popularity, the queue times for Nemesis Inferno can be long, especially during peak periods. However, the ride is definitely worth the wait, and the park has implemented effective queue management systems to ensure a smooth and efficient process for guests.

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In conclusion, Nemesis Inferno roller coaster at Thorpe Park is a thrilling and unforgettable experience. From its intense drops to its mind-bending inversions, this roller coaster will push you to your limits and leave you craving for more. The incredible theming and careful design make Nemesis Inferno a standout attraction that will impress even the most seasoned thrill-seekers.

If you are up for an adventure that combines speed, thrills, and a touch of infernal magic, look no further than Nemesis Inferno.

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Nemesis Inferno Stats

  • Location: Thorpe Park
  • Opened: 5th April 2003
  • Height: 92 ft
  • Length: 2,460 ft
  • Speed: 50 mph
  • Can you ride? minimum of 1.4m tall to ride

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